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A Minimalist Statement for Today's Modern Woman

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Nothing makes my heart jump more than a team of amazing artists and creatives coming together to make beauty and support each other. I was blessed to have had another such amazing opportunity with a team of talent in Toulouse, France.

In March 2021, a group of girls got together to give life to an inspirational shoot, on the theme of the modern and chic woman.

Fine art photographer based in France, Andrea Marino chose the white walls of her photo studio for this project to stay on track with a minimalist style.

We very much appreciated the wool earrings from Made with Love by Natalia, the natural elegance of our model Léna, the bespoke blouse made by seamstress Rakel B, the beauty care of Aurélie S. and the hairstyle of Céline Vazquez.

The aim of this styled photoshoot was to give women ideas on how to combine a minimalist style with large sustainable earrings.

Designer Rakel adds:

Our goal was to showcase Natalia's jewelry. With that in mind we were striving for a fine art rendering. For my part I wanted to free the nape and neck as much as possible on this blouse. The choice of fabrics was not trivial, the lightness of the silk organza which creates the neckline contrasts with the more imposing (and still soft) aspect of the hoops.

For me, a modern woman is independent, capable of being self-sufficient, realises the value of education and is a self aware human being with an ability to make good (in context) choices.

My Made With Love by Natalia earrings are crafted for the women who are unafraid of statement pieces, wearing one earring boldly instead of matching two. Combining hand-made with sustainable fashion pieces that are designed to help local artists. Women with a soul and sass.

For me beauty is not just the beauty that meets the eye as good-looking handsome; beautiful; attractive; pleasing in appearance. For me a gorgeous woman is someone who is very beautiful or magnificent yet who has a wonderful and delightful character. A woman who is graceful is characterised by beauty of style, shape or execution.

This collection of earrings made of the softest wool in white or dark purple is a reminder of the sea's algae. Sea weed that meanders freely in the waves of the oceans, floating, dancing. With the whispers of the Summer breeze, my earrings, will dance in the same way, embellishing the ears of a woman free like the algae represented.

Light, unique and large. Statement pieces for the day as well as the evening wear.

More details about the earrings in the e-shop and links to the partners of this photoshoot below.

Photographer: Andrea Marino

Model: Lena

Fashion Designer: Rakel B Mariage

Hair: Celine Vazquez MUAH

Makeup: Aurélie S Makeup & Beauty

Earrings: Made With Love by Natalia

To view the full photoshoot, I invite you to access it using the link below:

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