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Backstage With Videographer / Photographer Jino & Sarah

Updated: May 1, 2021

I have had the immense pleasure of having my work captured not only in photo but also in video. Jino Agnelli is a videographer and has worked with Made With Love by Natalia on several shoots to include Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Monaco.

Sarah Stefani is his partner in crime when it comes to weddings and also since Made With Love by Natalia began, for shoots involving empowering women through fashion and causes sensitive to social impact.



I loved photography from a young age, studied and then turned to video with a pro video license. Passionate about multimedia, nature and sharing, I work mainly in the world of marriage.

I am usually always accompanied by photographer and creator.


I met Sarah Stefani and Natalia. Two radiant women full of ideas and projects in which I had the opportunity to participate.

Both engaged in themes such as women empowerment or ecology which immediately appealed to me.

After several trips myself, I became more aware of the impact of humans on nature and I decided to change my way of life to respect it more (vegan and zero waste).

Meeting women battered by life, along with support projects, were an even greater motivation! I invite you to discover the teaser video for Eco Luxe Phoenix - a project headed by Natalia and Sarah to help give light to a sensitive topic on abuse towards women.


I have captured Sarah as the photographer working with Agnès Doussot for the makeup and Made With Love by Natalia earrings as well as the hand poured candles.


Today I pay much more attention to my purchases, the ecological and human side is now essential for me. The race for ever cheaper products and labor often brings a lot of damage and suffering.

Greener products and made with love are really the future I want and I'm really happy to have been able to participate in these projects!

I attach great importance to expressions to try to bring out as much emotion as possible in my images.

Sarah, who is a model but also a photographer, knows the constraints of a shoot well, so everything was perfectly fluid. We chose bright images, associated with committed brands that immediately inspire us a lot! Light and the second most important element to me is what brings images to life.

I hope to have the pleasure of working with you again 😉

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Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat Wedding


Monte-Carlo, Villefranche sur Mer, Tête du Chien - French Riviera.


What I liked during the shoot where the roles were reversed and I was the model, was wearing clothes from eco-responsible brands.

The earrings created by Made With Love by Natalia but also the swimsuit from the Anja Paris brand.

These brands have common values ​​with mine. They are respectful of the environment and work for a better world for the planet and its inhabitants. They also value women in the world.

All of this is very important to me and that is why I am committed to supporting these companies rather than others.

By doing shoots to promote sustainability with Natalia, I was aligned with my convictions and with myself. Women in a world that is still very much hostile to them.

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