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Behind the Lens With Thomas Audiffren

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

One of the first photographers with whom I collaborated with in the South of France as I began my adventure with Made With Love by Natalia, and with whom I have to date done two amazing styled shoots, is Thomas Audiffren.

Thomas is known on the Riviera and Provence for his outstanding artistic capacity as wedding photographer. Having worked with him on shoots for my other business, My Riviera Weddings, it was only natural to ask if he would be happy to take photos of my sustainable collections that were at the heyday at that point in 2020.

Over to Thomas to share his thoughts...

I must confess that creating editorials and styled shoots with amazing creatives is one of the things I love that the most in my job. With that in mind, I really cherish to take part in the artistic direction of each project. If I had a few advice to give, the once I give further down would be just that.

It was a real pleasure for me to collaborate with Natalia of Made With Love by Natalia for two beautiful editorials dedicated to the brand. I practice more wedding styled shoots but working with Natalia allows to combine "the best of two worlds."


The first editorial took place in "Cap d'Ail" with models Gabriele, Irina and Natalia herself! Irina is first and foremost a make-up artist and did the beautiful makeup for Gabriele. You can see more in the link provided or head over the Natalia's website under 'Styled Shoots.'

My main goal was to mix a posing deeply inspired by fashion with a natural decor surrounded by a golden light for a very emotional rendering. The sun warmed the atmosphere and we also decided to shoot near beautiful rocks to create a soft, natural and delicate shadow, when necessary.

Full gallery link:

Our work has featured in various magazines and blogs worldwide with these photos, such as Luxury News Online, Eluxe Magazine and Cochere Magazine,


The second shooting created with Natalia took place in the iconic Cap d'Antibes, a place that I particularly cherish. We had the chance to work with three models this time too - Gabriele, Miriam and Allison did an amazing job with make up by Agnès Doussot.

The important goal here was to show the complicity and a kind of "girl power" of empowered women with these three amazing models who are exceptional women in their own right representing today's impression of what a modern women is.

Shooting at sunset was amazing but we also had to shoot at nightfall. This specific moment of the day created an unexpected and sumptuous light for the last photos.

Full gallery link:

Our work has featured in various magazines and blogs worldwide with these photos, such as KeiSei Magazine, EcoMogul Magazine, Cochere Magazine, Luxiders Magazine in English, Spanish and German:





If I can offer my piece of advise regarding shooting for a brand like Made With Love by Natalia it would be as follows:

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is, according to me, a key element of each styled shoot. Thinking about what you want to tell your audience is something so important. Decide what kind of story you want to tell and write it formally. From this point you can start...

2. Team

... Choose the right team for your project. Think about the creatives you have already worked with and create your team. In the meantime, allow yourself to think "out of the box" and to contact any other vendor that would match with your storytelling. And last but not the least...

3. Details

... Pay attention to details. They can be the key to the success of your project. Every single detail can help hightlight your fairytale and I think that we should never approach this subject lightly.

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