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Free DIY Craft by Art Star London

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Let's make things a little fun shall we! Every now and then I will be inviting a fellow crafter on here to share a DIY craft in their portfolio for you to try at home. Cool right?! The good part? It is absolutely FREE! You get to try your hand at some pretty amazing "do it yourself" and in your own time too.

My first guest is Jo at Art Star London who will show us a step by step guide on how to make a fab Scallop Garland with Diamond Centrepiece.

Psst... Scroll to the end for the link of the live chat we did on Instagram where we also announce a giveaway...

Perfect for those outdoor summer festivities, BBQ's, French Mother's Day coming up or simply to decorate your own home with some colour and fab home DIY to be proud of.

But first, want to know how we met? Well we met virtually as one does in these weird pandemic times where you spend aaaages on social media to build your community.

It was the amazing community on Instagram brought our creative heads together and bam, here we are with Jo sharing one of her all-time favourite craft ideas for you to give a shot at (and/or to try with your kids!) at the comfort of your own home.

Over to you Jo!

Who is the brain behind Art Star London

Hi, I'm Jo from Art Star and I had such a fun time creating this garland design especially for Natalia 😊

Where are you based?

I work from my tiny studio in East London, creating colourful craft kits and paper decorations to add a burst of colour and joy to people's homes. I hope you enjoy some fun and relaxing paper crafting using this tutorial!

Where do I get my materials for this craft?

You can make the whole decoration using one Art Star Hack Pack ( or you can simply cut out 12 squares of paper 150mm square and use them instead!

What is a 'Hack Pack'?

Hack Packs are a freestyle craft kit made from leftover paper from the printing industry. You can make all kinds of colourful paper decorations for your home and for every pack I sell, I donate one to a kids’ art club.

Ok enough with the who's the why's and what's, let's begin!

Without further ado, here is your Scallop Garland Tutorial ⭐️

Step One

Decorate your paper - for these I used a combination of potato stamping and marker pens. Think about creating some contrast, or stick to a particular colour theme if you prefer.

Step Two

Next cut out your squares - you’ll need 12 large (150mm) and 6 medium (130mm) all with their centres cut out. I like to round off the edges but you can keep them pointed if you like - there are no rules!!

Step Three

To create your crescent shapes, you’ll need to pop a dot of glue on one corner of each square and then just overlap the opposite corners and stick them together.

Step Four

Repeat this until all your squares have been turned into crescents. You’ll be using the 12 large ones to create the scallop garland and the 6 smaller ones to make the diamond centrepiece.

Step Five

Take your large crescents and stick 3 in a row by overlapping their pointy ends. Then stick 2 in a row underneath, and finally add one at the bottom to create a kind of honeycomb effect.

Step Six

Repeat this to create a second identical scallop shape, and then string them up next to each other by running the string through the top row of the scalloped shapes.

Create your diamond centrepiece by sticking 2 medium crescents face to face as shown, then add 2 more below and the final 2 on either side.

Step Seven

Using a needle and thread, attach the diamond to the centre of the two scalloped shapes.

And there you have a beautiful scallop garland to hang on your wall. Why not create a whole string of them!

Be sure to tag @art_star_london and @madewithlovebynatalia on Instagram if you share your creations, as it makes us so happy to see what you make 💛

Have fun!

jo x


jo hill


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