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How to Make a Winning Summer Flatlay by Kinga

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I love finding rare gems on Instagram and one that caught my eye was @proste_historie_ in Poland.

Now the funny thing is that I have Polish blood in me so I thought the chance to speak in Polish with King would be a great way to connect. And I was so right! We hit it off immediately and Kinga was excited to work on a flatly composition with my baby blue Pipa earrings in thin macramé string.

Because her Instagram is blooming with happiness I am over the moon that she agreed to the task. Do you feel the good mood too?

For those of you who want to learn to make an eye-catching flatlay arrangement, here's some tips to get you started by Kinga.

1. I start by arranging flatlay compositions by setting the background and completing its elements. The background can be almost anything - a blanket, bedding, a wooden floor, sheets of paper, sheet music, various veneers, e.g. imitating marble. The only limit is our imagination. In this case, I used a blue sweater.

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2. Then I arrange the elements for a test. I translate, move and look for the perfect effect. I like when there are many elements in the frame and there are no empty spaces. As the main character this time are beautiful handmade earrings, I used a blue sweater, trousers of the same color and a summer hat for the composition. Additionally, the earrings lie on a wooden pad.

3. When I achieve a satisfactory result, I add what I like best, i.e. flowers. In my opinion, they add subtlety and beauty to any composition. In summer I use the gifts of nature, in winter I save myself with artificial flowers.

4. Then I take some test photos - at different angles, changing the distance, zooming. When I am fully satisfied with the effect, I start processing the photo.

5. I am using the free, basic versions of Lightroom and Snapseed. I usually brighten up photos and increase the saturation.

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A few words at the end :)

* Photos are best taken in front of the window, if it is possible in daylight (although professionals can handle artificial light very well)

* I take photos with my phone. I am an absolute amateur when it comes to photography. I reached everything by trial and error. Being systematic and willing to learn works wonders. Both in terms of the technique of photos, but also creativity and new, interesting ideas.

* Everyone can try their hand at flatlay photography. It's great fun, a way to de-stress and stimulate creativity.

Amazing advice, hope you enjoyed and don't hesitate to share your own work

Follow Kinga and her joyous Instagram here.


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