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Let's Picnic ! The 'how to' guide by wine lover and winery owner Lito in Greece

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

One of my number 1 fans and I think by now who owns the most Made With Love by Natalia creations, is Lito in Greece.

Now Lito is not just amazing as a client, fan and as of late truly great insta friend. She is also part owner of a winery in Greece called Mylonas Winery. I wanted to share her passion with you and as she truly fell for my bottlers in macramé too, here's some food (sorry wine) for thought!

For those like me who are dreaming of travelling far and wide again. This might get you buzzing. Enjoy and meet Lito, in her own words (translated from Greek).

What makes a perfect al fresco picnic Greek way!

Pique-Nique or pic-nic or picnic or whatever, I just want to spend the day in the countryside!

Say it as you wish! You know that I am the ultimate urban lover but lately I feel a strong need to leave the usual rhythms, to lie on the ground, to feel with all my senses all this orgasm of bloom. When I do not get in touch with nature often, I feel like I am losing myself.

I did not have to say anything yet I had fully understood. The necessary phone calls were made, the destination was decided, the fridge was opened and the necessary cooking preparations began because we did not intend to spend our day fasting! Mid morning we were ready to get lost in Attica.

List of essentials

  • Mattresses or blankets (plaid preferably) or even yoga mats if you have them.

  • A fridge for water, juices, WINE, beers

  • A basket for food. I recommend sandwiches, with everything you have in the fridge! Various breads, cheeses, cold cuts, forgotten sauces with yesterday's pork, cold chicken with vegetables, make fantastic combinations. You can also make whatever pie you dream of. Think of anything that can be eaten at room temperature and has no juice! Basic.

  • If you are a little curious (like me) wrap your wine glasses in kitchen paper and put them in a separate bag.

  • Hats & sunscreen because we are burning!

  • Made With Love by Natalia art de la table decorations and of course THE accessory for the summer, the bottle carrier in macramé which I just love (and that doubles up as a vase).

Learn to create you own Summer Flatlay

The Made With Love by Natalia macramé piece everyone should have!

PS. Here's a yummy recipe for the pie: Bacon and leek pie with sweetcorn

When we arrived, everyone in a magical way found their corner in the vastness of the vineyard which was pleasantly interrupted by the wonderful olive trees that would give us their shade even though the sun was enjoyable.

As time went on the movements relaxed and we all started to become one with nature. Of course we were hungry, we started to get together again and the absolute sharing that we had admittedly missed so much started.

The glasses were filled with wine (accidentally from a neighboring vineyard) which made us feel even more part of nature, the pie kept incredible balances with the acidity of the wine and we were half lying on the ground and laughing at the familiar jokes as if there was no tomorrow!

As long as I think about it, I think there is nothing missing from that day. We made a return to the important and the essentials. We are full of sun, laughter, nature, delicacies, wine, our wonderful selves.

Keep following Lito and her adventures on her blog CULTURITO: or on instagram here. The wines from the winery is also one to try - they ship worldwide and have been in various media. Mylonas Winery.

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