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Proud to Join Les Créateurs de Vendée!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Sometimes the stars guide you in what you do and who you meet on your way, and Les Créateurs de Vendée was no different.

Having arrived in my new region back in June 2020, literally a van full of my life driven by my love, my beloved cat Jolo beside me in my car and leaving behind 28 years of my life in the South, arriving in La Vendée was the beginning of a new chapter.

We few days in and of course living in a house being built, was fun in the Summer but as soon as the weather turned, a different story. Me the grand socialite who loves people and events, had to change and adapt to the new way, also with the pandemic ravaging on.

I was desperate to mingle again and the only way was virtually. So Instagram galore scourging it was and I came across a link that one of my first friends of mine shared with me, Maryse at boutique Côte & Chic in Jard sur Mer, about a virtual Christmas Market. Sadly I was too late to apply but I began following the account.

A few weeks went by and Mélanie of Boule de Campagne, the founder of the idea posted about grouping crafters for an association.

I jumped on the bandwagon and put my hand up to be part of the board, and one thing let to another and there I was with 6 others, helping make history for crafters of La Vendée on 28th January 2020 joining as founding member and Vice President!

Les Créateurs de Vendée est une association départementale qui a pour vocation de réunir l’ensemble des créateurs et créatrices de fait-main du département.
Les Créateurs de Vendée vous proposent une sélection de produits fait-main, locaux et originaux.

It was a whirlwind start with a wonderful PR push led by Mélanie who got the message out to various media outlets including France 3 Pays de Loire TV and I even got my 2 mins of fame on Graffiti Urban Radio, La Roche sur Yon with Mélanie.

So proud to be part of this growing community, which now in April 2020 as I write is up at the 80s mark. We are all helping to make a name for ourselves and proudly bear the emblem on our respective websites.

The objectives of the association are as follows:

  • Promote the activity of Vendée crafters in their department and elsewhere

  • Help each other, pool, exchange, between crafters

  • Work with local players in the territory to promote the local economy

I invite you to take a peek for yourself and hopefully you will find something you love.

And here's my online shop window on the website:






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