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Ready to Shine This Summer - Fashion Tips from Style Consultant Emmanuelle

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I caught up with the lovely style consultant, Emmanuelle, here in La Vendée whom I met through an online networking event during lockdown to share some of her advice on styling with Made With Love by Natalia accessories this summer and generally some insights as to who she is and what she does.

Where in the world are you?

I live in the middle of 3 beautiful departments: Loire-Atlantique, La Vendée, Le Maine et Loire, in a place called Gétigné, recently moved in fact and I really appreciate the region. It is very sunny and not very far from the sea.

What is the connection with Made With Love by Natalia

Natalia ethically hand crafts beautiful products, one of her pairs of macramé earrings caught my eye. I couldn't resist the exoticism of this pair and it is now mine.

What's your elevator pitch?

I am an image consultant, fan of fashion and I made it my job. I support all women who want to reveal their best image, and to accept their body as it is. I am a mentor, a guide on the path to self-acceptance.

10 things about you that we wouldn't know if we didn't ask you.

  1. I am "Normand"

  2. My middle name is Isabelle

  3. I am a Leo ascendant Libra

  4. I have Greek feet

  5. I have a tattoo on my left wrist

  6. I have been married for 11 years

  7. I have 2 boys

  8. I am very often in heels

  9. Before, I worked in the employment and training sector

  10. I am now a self-entrepreneur, Entreprise Emmanuelle H

Your motto

"Beauty begins where you choose to be yourself"

How does Made With Love by Natalia make you feel?

The weather is always nice when you think of Made with love by Natalia. The collection offers very refined and elegant creations full of exoticism conducive to travel and escape.

Summer 2021 look favorites

Immaculate white my favorite summer color, transparency for sensuality, macramé for exoticism. Stylish and such a fresh feminine look!!!

What do you think of "slow fashion"?

Slow fashion now cannot be done without, ethical fashion is becoming essential.

Buy in a reasonable way and care about manufacturing that respects the environment, animals, and the people who make them is the future of fashion. It is part of our daily life and I encourage my clients to follow this path.

Get Inspired by a Minimalist Fashion Photoshoot

Tips for dressing up your look day and night with macramé earrings

It's very simple, by day we put on the white macrame earrings with a white dress - see my look below.

And for more sophistication in the evening we put on Natalia's black wool earrings, replace the dress with a black one with embroidery, sandals with heels, remove the hat and make a bun to reveal the earrings. Nothing else. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Why hire a stylist / image consultant?

Women who come to me for advice lack confidence and have a devalued image of their body.

They want to take charge, assert themselves in a style that is unique to their personality.

For many, they want to end their complexes and fully assume themselves as a woman.

I help them become aware of their strengths and put them forward; I teach them to show the best of their image, the goal being to be independent and to be able to show off on their own.

They come out more confident, with an inordinate self-confidence, more feminine and ready to take a bite out of life.

Your worst memory as an image consultant

When sorting out a dressing room, my goal is obviously to sort it out but also to manage to recreate looks with the clients' existing pieces.

Except that one time there was absolutely nothing I could design a look with, everything was worn, stained, not suited to the morphology, or items that the client no longer liked. In other words NOTHING, I did not see it coming !!! I thought there is always something to do in a walk-in closet, but no! THE DRAMA !!

Describe the typical 2021 “Vendéen” summer look

A feminine dress made from red and white to recall the Vendée flag 😉 A boater hat to fully enjoy the ambient sun. A wicker "shrimp" basket for style. Sneakers, summer essentials.

Thank you Emmanuelle! To book in your own styling consultation follow her on Instagram as @emmanuelle.h_ or email

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