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Welcome to my Creative World

My name is Natalia and I am thrilled that you made your way over to my blog to discover a little more about me, my creative world and some behind the scenes of what I do, why and how.

You probably took time to read the ABOUT ME section but with this blog I want to share updates as to what really goes on a little like a diary.

This photo was taken a few days before the 1st lockdown in France in 2020. A few days before my world turned on its head and I began crafting for meditation, salvation and what today has developed into a little crafting hub.

Encouraged by friends and my love for pretty objects and home decor. I added a pinch of sustainability and, bam, here is Made With Love by Natalia!

I used to live on the French Riviera, my home for the past 28 years on/off, am a European at heart, born in the UK (now no longer European), grew up in Sweden and France adopted my aged 10. My heritage is Polish also with a wonderful spirited mother who was Polish.

Today I find myself in my new region, in La Vendée of France, specifically in Talmont Saint Hilaire, a few km from the ocean, the wilderness, beautiful dunes and elements rocking my creative soul with inspiration.

So without further ado, a very warm welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing the posts!








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