Born polyglot, worldwide resident, European at heart, my past was sprinkled with adventures where I was professionally meandering in marketing, PR and events until a pandemic hit and everything changed.


Today, everyday the sea greets me with its mesmerising colours that make it the ocean, giving me the positive boost I needed to combine all what I loved and was good at to make something meaningful and sustainable.

My story began during lockdown on the French Riviera, my home for 28 years and continues in La Vendée since 2020.


Everyday the leaves dance in the wind and the flowers bloom regardless of the season, each in its own time. This is home. This is where I draw inspiration from. This is what gives me my all to create, down to its materials. I make beautiful gifts for your home, made with love. Beauty for the home and soul. Handmade crafts.


My macramé strings, glue, drift wood, flowers, scissor and pebbles make me the craft aficionado that I am. From me to you. Made with love. From nature.